Wednesday, 27 April 2016

TALES FROM THE RIVERBANK: This morning Elwood rediscovered his love of nesting in the dirty washing!

Wednesday is washday in this household (or should I say 'boathold' - although to my mind the 'hold' is the rather smelly bit under the floorboards - but I digress!) Washday means a trip to the laundrette since we have no washing machine on board. So dirty clothes, sheets and towels are packed into capacious Clas Ohlson bags and off we go. This morning, as is my wont, I threw the towels and tea towels from the forward shower room and galley up the steps into the saloon in preparation for packing into said bags, and went to strip the bed in the aft cabin. In the meantime the mad hound found this pile of towels and decided to rake them out into a nest, carefully positioned right at the top of the forward steps. Anyone who thinks cats have cornered the market in finding the most awkward and inconvenient places to sleep should spend some time with a determined dog.

What, no pillow? How's a dog supposed to sleep?

Seeing Bonzo there reminded me of his previous love of dirty clothes nesting, so I went to find an old photo I remembered. Gosh, I had forgotten how cute he was (for about 2 weeks!) he is still lovely, but you definitely can't call him cute now - he'd never forgive you!

Caught red pawed?

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