Saturday, 3 October 2015

BLUES BROTHERS HEAVEN with obligatory dog photos (ODP)

Oh, joy, just come in from sharing a lovely meal with the in-laws and switched on the TV for an hour's mindless entertainment before bed to find that the Blues Brothers has just started. One of our favourite films and, although we have it on DVD, we have to watch it when it is on the TV (even with the advert breaks!) Why do we do this? I am sure we are not the only ones who do! Not only that, but of course we are now going to have to stay up and watch it to the end. D'oh!

I first saw this film at a late night (very late) showing at what was then 'Wycombe 6'. One of my earliest dates with what is now my long-term partner who, being a couple of years older than me probably saw it the first time round, and was using it as some kind of test situation - if I liked his kind of film, perhaps I was worth sticking with?

Well we did stick, and so did the film. So much so that our first dog was called Jake, and the current one is... you guessed it, Elwood:

Jake (James Belushi)
Elwood (Dan Ackroyd)

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