Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Can't believe we actually finished it or that it has all fitted in! We spend this weekend moving all our personally belonging out of storage in Yorkshire, and into our storage in Norfolk.
One overloaded (!?) truck
Storage unit packed to the roof
It took 6 hours to load up the large truck we hired, and almost 10 to get it all stowed away once we got home. Yes, we definitely have too much stuff.

The whole operation was made more interesting by me snapping my car park entry card so when we got back to the marina with the loaded truck on Saturday night, we couldn't get in! We scratched our heads for a while, then remembered we had a set of step ladders on the truck - with them and help of a piece of carpet over the very sharp spikes, we managed to break in and retrieve the other car park card from the boat. Could have done without that in the dark at the end of a loooonnng day.

I hope it is a very long time before we have to move this lot again - I guess we will be staying on the boat until we can face it!

I haven't sewn anything for four days and I am getting 'didgy' I must go and get my fix.

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